Thursday, September 20, 2018

Essays for my children: The Stranger at the Gate

Who amongst us does not hold in their hearts the belief that our Country, The United States of America, is the greatest in the world. So is it any wonder that those who did not receive the blessings of being born into this existence as an American would travel on foot, across treacherous terrain, striving to be delivered into a land of unlimited potential and unparalleled opportunity. 

Imagine the thirst for such freedom that so many desperately possess, dreaming of a life free from violence, strife, destitution, hunger, and tyranny. The hope of a life delivered to themselves, their children, and their families is what draws so many to the gates of She, the New Colossus, who now seemingly strains to hold up her lamp beside the golden door. They see her beacon and yearn to bask in its warmth, enraptured by the twinkling of that brighter future’s vision.

Can we not appreciate their hunger? Have we become so comfortable in our disdain as not to cherish the gift of Providence bountifully bestowed upon our people? Shall we now snuff out our crowned Lady’s torch by the acts of our indifference and in doing so condemn our legacy as if extinguishing the last lights of this shining city upon the hill?

The stranger at the gate seeks not but passage, but compassion that We, the progeny of Liberty's grace, can extend.