Sunday, March 3, 2019

Dad Advice: Know Your Value

Maddie & Gracie,

As I have told you many times throughout your lives: You. Are. Wonderful. I see you for who you are, who you will become, and it brings me great joy to envision your future.  

Both of you are intelligent, compassionate, caring, funny, beautiful, kind, and loving young women. You should always embrace the goodness instilled in you and endeavour to make this world a better place by extolling your virtues.

Never let anyone succeed in diminishing your self worth. Do not let yourself be defined simply by what others may think of you. Stay true to who you are and who you want the world to see you as by projecting your confidence and using your mind, heart, skills, ideals, principles, and beliefs to forge your happiness. 

Believe in yourselves and what you can accomplish when you focus your desire and will to succeed. Use your passion to overcome the obstacles that may stand in your way but, do so while wielding kindness, reason, facts, and empathy to navigate your path in life.

Embrace your shortcomings and weave your failures into your greater character as rounded personal growth relies on the teachings learned in both your victories and defeats. 

See yourselves as your Mom and I see you, for we could not be prouder.