Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dad Advice: Things Will All Work Out

Maddie & Gracie,

As you know our family is on the precipice of major change with Dad’s job but, even in this challenging and uncertain time, with stress and anxiety running high, we can learn from the moment and in by how our character responds.

I do not believe in luck, fate, superstitions, or a preordained master plan. I believe in cause and effect, actions having equal and opposite reactions, probability, statistics, preparedness, reason, and logic. When someone says - with kind and consoling intent - that “things will all work out”, surprisingly, I agree 100 percent.

I agree not because I place my faith in some unseen force working behind the ethereal curtain instead, I have faith in myself, my character, in the positive interactions conducted throughout my life, the bonds I forged, and in the counsel of those with whom I love and surround myself. I have absorbed hundreds of lessons from numerous mentors whose teachings helped shape the person I am today. Because of this culmination and the support of my loving family, I have absolute faith that my compassion, dedication, work ethic, knowledge, experience, demeanor, dignity, values, talents, passion, drive, skills, and abilities grant me the means to make sure “things will all work out”.

This is no braggadocio or self flattery, it is reinforcing a truth that each of us has the ability to adapt and achieve but, not by waiting around hopelessly - hands raised skyward - yielding to the thought that something will just happen to make it all better. Seek strength in your character, gather love from those around you, and have faith in who you are and what you can accomplish - for only you can navigate your future, wield your power, and make sure “things will all work out.”

Remember, I believe in you.