Friday, August 16, 2019

Dad advice: It’s all about people

Maddie and Gracie,

The last few months have been difficult but, they have affirmed my belief in one absolute in this life: it’s all about people. How you treat people reflects your character and being a leader is entirely about character. From a local group to a large organization, it starts with the character of leadership and how that leadership effects people.

Being a leader, in my mind, comes down to some basic, simple “Musts” for success - and by success I don’t mean wealth but, the richness of fulfillment that comes from bringing shared prosperity to your people.

10 Absolute Leadership Musts

- Listen to your people
- Learn the strengths of your people
- Inform your people
- Empower your people  
- Encourage your people 
- Serve beside your people
- Reward your people
- Respect the dignity of your people
- Honor the sacrifices given by your people
- Express the importance of your people to all of your people

Successful leadership comes down entirely to one word: PEOPLE

The success of an organization, or a team, is based upon a foundation of leadership that reflects its genuine character. Without people there is no team and without a team there can be no success for an organization.

If given the opportunity and privilege to lead, be humble, lead by example, and communicate frequently with your team. Show respect, gratitude, and patience. Learn as much from your people as you teach and always make their concerns your concerns.

I hope this helps you someday.