Sunday, August 9, 2020

Dad Advice: Closing a Chapter

Maddie & Gracie,

Well, it has been a rough year for sure. Being without you two and your mother for the better part of this past year was undoubtedly the most challenging time of my life. Most nights I stayed at the refinery long past my counterparts simply because going back to an apartment devoid of your presence was deeply depressing. As I jokingly said, though 100% true, many nights I would walk into the Tibaron Lane Apartment declaring “Nobody, I’m home!”

I understand too that my absence at home also bore a negative impact on your mental well being. Though not every child is as blessed to have a two parent home, like we all were in our immediate family, there really is something to be said for the cohesion, stability, nurturing and love that comes from having the balance of dual opposite but, integrally important, personality perspectives.

But, with the move to Perrysburg and the selling of our house on Baynes Avenue in New Jersey, that chapter is now over and we can move on in Ohio with us all back together. I know you miss our house, the home of your childhood, and especially the close proximity of your friends and our extended family. Though I have said this many times, Home really is wherever we are all together. You are the loves of my life, my greatest pride, and my sincerest joy. You make Mom and I’s lives fulfilled and being with you, watching you grow into strong young women exploring this new place, fills me with such abundant happiness.

Perrysburg, and Ohio in general, may not have been the place we foresaw coming to call home so many years ago however, I believe it is a great area filled with wonderful people who will bring peace and contentment to our lives. And with us all together, I know anything is possible for our future. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy this time in our lives for what it is - a new adventure.

Love you always,